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Holy water – room purification


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Holy water or holy water – purifying environments

This type of product is used in Santeria to purify the rooms before each ritual and after the ritual.

Absolutely not to be ingested!

In Cuban Santeria, the use of holy water or blessed water is an important element in ritual and spiritual practices. Santeria is a syncretic religion that has African roots and Catholic influences, so the use of holy water reflects this mixture of traditions.

This is how blessed water is used in Cuban Santeria:

  1. Purification: Holy water is often used to purify the environment before conducting ceremonies or rituals. It is sprayed or poured around the altar or ritual site to eliminate negative energies and make the space suitable for sacred practices.
  2. Personal purification: Santeria practitioners can also use holy water for personal purification. One can make the sign of the cross with water on the forehead or body, similar to the Catholic gesture of sprinkling holy water.
  3. Offerings to spirits: During ceremonies, blessed water may be offered to spirits or gods as part of the altar. This is done to honor the spirits and to ask for their protection and assistance.
  4. Removal of negativity: Holy water is often used to wash ritual objects or instruments in order to remove negative energies or impurities that may have been absorbed. This is especially important when working with sacred objects or the body during a ceremony.
  5. Spiritual healing: In some cases, holy water can be used in spiritual healing rituals. A practitioner can be sprayed or washed with holy water to remove negative energies or to help them heal from spiritual or psychological problems.
  6. Blessings: Holy water can be made by a priest or experienced practitioner before being used in rituals. This act of blessing gives the water additional spiritual power and is often an important step in preparations for a ceremony.

It is important to note that the use of holy water in Santeria is closely related to the beliefs and practices of this specific religion. Santeria is a complex and diverse religion with a rich ritual tradition, and holy water is just one of the elements that contribute to its spiritual practice.

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