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Acqua di Abut Cologne – C´est si bon – masculine charm seduction


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Acqua di Abut Cologne – C´est si bon masculine charm seduction

If your intention is to
fascinate, arouse passion or have the courage
to go out and find the person you like, our abut water can be your perfect ally.

This cologne awakens passions in other people and gives you passion and confidence to take action. Its spicy, fresh aroma agrees with the intention to attract that person you are interested in.

The seductive aroma that this cologne releases allows us to use it after shaving, as a lotion, to attract all the girls we want.

This product is prepared with a mixture of water, essential oils and plant extracts, as well as other secret properties that give it greater power of attraction.

In addition to its extraordinary power, it releases a very pleasant and fresh scent, being also beneficial for our body and for our spiritual state.


Acqua di Abut envelops man with a mysterious charm, awakens passion in him and gives courage. It acts on the opposite sex interesting and exciting.
It is known for its spicy, fresh and masculine scent.
It can also be used after shaving

Various esoteric uses:

  • Instantly recharge your energy
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Hypnosis
  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Elimination of negative energies
  • Booster to attract good luck
  • Energy cleaner for stones, glass, candles, etc.

how can this abut water be used

Abut C’est Si Bon Eau de Cologne has different ways of using it, depending on what is most beneficial to us. As long as it’s applied correctly, its exotic power will work the same way.

Our product can be used as a perfume, giving us that good smell that we will give off and that will win everyone over. It can also be used as a shaving lotion once shaved.

Another way to use the product is as a massage oil, helping the odor penetrate all our pores and give off that distinctive smell so that it melts through our bones.

Finally, we can use it as a room cleaner and perfumer in our home, or in contact with those objects where we want the desire to be enhanced, such as our towels, sheets or underwear itself.

It is very important to keep our lotion out of the reach of children to avoid any kind of problem, as well as to store the product in a stable position so that it cannot fall and break.

Absolutely not to be ingested, avoid contact with eyes.

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Weight200 g


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