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Murray Orange Blossom Water C’est Si Bon – Peace Healing Harmony


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Orange blossom water – Murray c’est si bon – peace healing harmony

This orange blossom water has relaxing properties that work on the nervous system, reducing all the tension caused by excess emotion, giving us harmony and restoring the control you need.

It has great calming and sedative properties, it is very beneficial as an energy balancer, ideal for attracting calm after an argument, inner peace or bringing harmony into your home.

It is also used in love and friendship rituals, or to protect family and couple union.

It is a flower widely used in white magic for its many positive effects. Also widely used in health creams and ointments.

Murray’s orange blossom water (c’est si bon) is a fragrance created by shaman witches with orange blossom grown in unique conditions. Its blend with alchemical oils makes its vibratory power 100% effective. We can use it to harmonize our environment, our home and ourselves.

Its use is very useful whenever you feel that your environment begins to crumble, in hostile environments or negative high frequencies that impede our daily activity.

It is applied both on the skin and by dispersing a few drops in the environment to give a pleasant and lasting aroma.

Various esoteric uses:

  • Instantly recharge your energy
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Hypnosis
  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Elimination of negative energies
  • Booster to attract good luck
  • Energy cleaner for stones, glass, candles, etc.

Absolutely not to be ingested, avoid contact with eyes.

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Weight200 g


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