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Palo Santo Murray water c’est si bon – purification protection

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Palo Santo Murray water c’est si bon – purification protection

Murray’s Palo Santo c’est si bon water causes its fragrance to instantly envelop you, helping stimulate our Pineal gland.

Authentic Colonia de Palo Santo, produced in the Andean lands, with ancestral recipes made by ancient shamans. It is used to attract good energies and purify harmful and negative ones.

Its essence has the ability to make itself felt in any room in which we use it, immediately.

The Agua Palo Santo Murray (c’est si bon) has a very particular aroma and very different from that of the pure essence of Palo Santo, its base is a strong woody beginning, with citrus nuances and the properties of Palo Santo.

It is a therapeutic water based on totally natural extracts and one of its active ingredients is the essence of Palo Santo, which is why mixed with other aromatic components they create an unmistakable aroma with excellent properties.

Since its main component is the essence of the Palo Santo, it helps us in the spiritual connection of our being, being an essential product for meditation.

Emphasizing its great stimulating power on our pineal gland and our sixth chakra or “3rd eye”.

Great product for meditation.

Various esoteric uses:

  • Instantly recharge your energy
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Hypnosis
  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Elimination of negative energies
  • Booster to attract good luck
  • Energy cleaner for stones, glass, candles, etc.

Absolutely not to be ingested, avoid contact with eyes.

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