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Murray and Lanman Patchouli Water – Quick Luck


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Murray and Lanman Patchouli Water – Quick Luck

Murray and Lanman patchouli water. An esoteric product that has an extraordinary and very exotic aroma and will serve to improve luck in your life.

This cologne has a strong, penetrating woody scent and is categorized among exotic waters. Because it is associated with the energy of the sun, it also promotes creativity and learning in situations of stress or depression, constantly giving off a lot of active energy for the user.

Improve luck in your life and work with Patchouli water

We present a product that you will love. This is Agua of Patchouli, which belongs to the prestigious brand Murray & Lanman.

You know all the good that this
esoteric product
can do for you?

  1. First, the esoteric waters we offer in our online store can be used daily. No special protocol needs to be followed, but if you use them in a petition ritual, you increase their power.
  2. Second, it has a pleasant aroma with an exotic touch that you will love. And the best thing is that the people around you do too.
  3. And third, patchouli water is an esoteric cologne that improves your luck in general. Most importantly, it is good for: work, business and money.

We will see all the details of this very special cologne.

Main features of this spiritual water

  • This is a bottle of Patchouli eau de toilette.
  • Patchouli is a plant that has many purposes, both aromatic and esoteric. That is why it is used in numerous elements such as waters, colognes, perfumes, etc.
  • Its main virtues are:
    • It increases good fortune.
    • Getting to attract money.
    • It improves all aspects of the work.
    • It’s good for business.
    • Improve your attraction to the opposite sex. Get them to notice you more.
  • It is a 221 ml. bottle of cologne that we send to your home.

Use it every day to increase your luck and attractiveness

The best thing about eau de cologne is that you can use it just like a regular cologne. No one will notice that you are wearing esoteric cologne.

But you will feel energized, benefited by all the good that this product offers.

Because patchouli luck will penetrate you and increase and improve your business, your work and your money.

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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