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Pusanga water Cologne – C´est si bon – love attraction


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Pusanga water Cologne – C´est si bon – love attraction

Pusanga Murray Water (c’est si bon) is used for love and passion. Acqua di Pusanga has a suggestive but discreet aroma that favors the seductive power. It is the perfume of passion.

It is the combination of different roots, flowers, leaves and aphrodisiac stems originating from the Amazon, the benefits of which are known all over the world.

Pusanga Murray Water (c’est si bon) is used for requests in which you want to attract passions, true love, open amorous or friendly paths between two people and which increases the seductive magnetism towards the opposite sex, generating dominance and power. Love and happiness.

Tips that will help you, you can pay attention to this list because they could be of great importance in your next use:

It’s best to combine pusanga with our daily scent so that special someone won’t be able to notice anything.
Neutral places are completely advisable so that the smell of pusanga stands out.
A park is a good option to meet her, pusanga is made of plants so that she can stand out among the others.
A place for meals would not be advisable, as there are other smells and they may end up dulling the smell of pusanga.
When you use pusanga and she feels attracted to you, you should take the opportunity to make her fall in love and no longer depend on the uses of pusanga.
It is recommended not to use it very often, it should be used even only once a month, to renew love and encourage sex, because that person could fall in love.

Absolutely not to be ingested, avoid contact with eyes.

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