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Jala Jala esoteric bath – luck and love


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Jala Jala esoteric bath – luck and love

Jala jala esoteric bath is a powerful and effective element that comes in a bottle of. It is used for Fortuna, Fortuna and Abundanza rituals .

This esoteric bath has been indicated for rituals and requests having to do with attracting

of luck, fortune and abundance and love!

If you are an ambitious person who is not easily satisfied and would like to have more luck in your life and more luck because you believe that is what would make you happy, this bathroom will help you get what you want so badly.

Luck is what makes an event turn out
as we would like it to,
generally favoring us.

Those who believe in luck think that these events depend on fate and that they act in favor of people.

On the other hand, the
is an event that cannot be determined exactly, but to which events are attributed
good or bad.

This oil will make you have more of both: luck and fortune and, in addition, increase the abundance of both.

  • You must use it for its esoteric purposes: to increase luck and fortune in your life, and love!

  • It can be used in conjunction with other esoteric powders and candles to enhance their effectiveness.

  • You will feel luckier, with good luck and thanks to this you will be happier and more motivated day after day.

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Weight200 g


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