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Garrapata candle – Love ligament

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Garrapata candle – Love ligament

The garrapata candle love binding, is a ritualized element of great power. It is a very effective esoteric element for capturing and uniting a loved one.

Everything you need to know about this garraped candle

Garrapata “ticks” are a species of mite known primarily for attaching to the skin of animals or people and sucking their blood. It is difficult to remove or separate them from the skin.

They have the power to cling tightly to the body they are attached to.

This candle will help you make requests for love and money.

It will help you “capture and connect” those things, making them more abundant in your life.

Many people who need to improve their financial situation use it, but it is also the subject of loving requests.

  • You must use it following its instructions for use.
  • You can use it in conjunction with esoteric powders and oils that serve the same cause to generate a double effect.
  • It will help you attract love, depending on what you ask for.
  • Of course, you will feel luckier and happier because you will have more love in abundance.
  • You will feel more motivated day after day.
  • The candle can also be used to attract these things to your family.
  • It improves relationships in the couple and will help you resolve conflicts.



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