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Candle with break-union ritual

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Candle with break-union ritual

This break-up ritual is ideal for separating not only people, but also vices. This ritual is used in any situation where it is necessary to separate two people: in love, friends, bad influences, toxic people, etc. or bad situations like games, alcohol, etc …

How does this ritual break unions?

Consisting of two joined candles, salt to separate and enhancer oil.

Used together – with the appropriate powders and oils, as part of a separation or removal work or ritual, it is one of the most successful esoteric products.

Specially prepared for the destruction of any sentimental union or bond.

The candle is accompanied by parting oil, parchment and parting powder so as to make the ritual much more powerful Also, we have added the power of hatred of vinegar, so that they soon hate each other, can’t stand it and separate, and the oil of struggles and struggles, so that they always quarrel and there is no possible reconciliation.

With this ritual, step by step, we will be able to separate that relationship that has entered ours and will make everything that is united move away and reject.

To end a relationship, just put together several elements.

It is essential to take into account that no matter how long they have been a couple, the marriage breakup ritual will be able to destroy all the bonds that bind them together.

This ritual will cause the couple to quarrel and therefore hate each other, and as a result they will separate and never get back together again.

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