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Cero 7 Machos – unlocking situations


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Cero 7 Machos – unlocking situations

Prayer candle with oil 7 Machos you have to light it for requests where you need help to attract any kind of luck and get rid of bad vibes.

With this 7-male-oil prayer candle you will eliminate everything that keeps you from moving forward. You can also get rid of envy and conflict. They are a confident and determined attempt to remove possible obstacles or barriers. With them you will be able to achieve the goal you have set for yourself that for reasons beyond your control you have been unable to achieve. With this candle you will change a reality that is adverse to you, eliminate difficulties and achieve a different reality.

Light this prayer candle before a trip, an interview or signing a contract. Light the candle in your business to attract prosperity and good fortune. Or put it in the tithing of the lottery, bingo cards, etc.

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