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Cero double quick luck


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Cero double quick luck

The double quick fortune candle

is specially designed

so that we can achieve all purposes, whether it is luck, wealth, abundance,

etc. It helps to attract double luck in any kind of situation such as gambling, luck, happiness or lottery, among others.


  • It helps to achieve all goals.
  • It quickly provides double luck.
  • Get luck for gambling, fortune, happiness, etc.
  • Created by hand.
  • Composed of natural ingredients.
  • Natural wax and 100% cotton wick.
  • Sustainable production.
  • Follow ancient recipes
  • Includes instructions for use.
  • Contains special oil to enhance the effect.


Benefits of the purpose of the taper Double quick fortune

This candle helps us to
get twice as much luck and quickly
To achieve all the goals we have set for ourselves. It will help us gain wealth, luck, winnings in games of chance or lottery, etc.

It can be combined with other candles and products with similar purposes, as well as enhancing its effect with a candle that attracts positive energies or energy cleansing. It is recommended to apply the oil before performing any action and to light it before praying to enhance the benefits of the candle.

How to use it

It has a very simple use. Simply use the esoteric oil on the candle, recite the request, light the candle with a wooden match and concentrate to make sure the purpose is achieved. It is recommended to perform these steps in a quiet environment and to use a surface large enough to allow the wax to flow naturally. Do not extinguish the candle until it has been completely consumed so that the purpose has the intended effect. Includes prayer and instructions for use.

Additional information

Weight200 g


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