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Cero Garrapata for love


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Cero Garrapata for love

This special candle is sold complete with garrapata oil to use during the ritual plus instructions for performing the binding, this specific binding is used to bind a person in love and sexually.

This garrapata candle is designed to attract your loved one and make sure they do not stray from our side. It will stick to us like a tick. Includes Garrapata candle, special oil to enhance the request, instructions for use and a prayer. It is handmade with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Attract your loved one and don’t leave our side.
  • Created by hand.
  • Composed of natural ingredients.
  • Sustainable production.
  • It is not advisable to ingest.
  • Follow ancient ancestral recipes.
  • Includes instructions for use.
  • Contains esoteric oil to enhance the effect.

Advantages of the garraped candle

This candle helps us to make
adhere our loved one to us like a “tick.”
It is part of a white magic purpose to help us attract good energies and improve our charm and virtues in front of the other person. With the candle this desired person will want to see us, get to know us, and find a way to be by our side.

It can be combined with other candles and products with similar purposes. It is recommended to apply the oil first with the fingers and light it before praying to increase the benefits of the candle.

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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