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Wax 7 Days Purple for Personal Success and Power


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Wax 7 Days Purple for Personal Success and Power

The 7 Days Purple Wax is a powerful esoteric tool designed to help you achieve personal success and power. This purple candle is associated with a number of meanings and intentions that make it ideal for improving different aspects of your life.

Benefits of the 7 Days Purple Wax:

  • Personal Power: This candle is known to enhance your sense of personal power, helping you gain control of your life and decisions.
  • Success and Ambition: If you are trying to achieve success in a certain area of your life or wish to increase your ambition, this candle can be a valuable ally.
  • Spiritual Protection: The color purple is often associated with spiritual protection and meditation. This candle can help you create a protected environment for your spiritual practice.
  • Independence and Idealism: If you wish to develop a sense of independence or work toward ideal goals, this candle can provide the energy you need.

7-Day Wax:

The term “7-Day Wax” indicates that this candle is designed to burn slowly over a period of seven consecutive days. During this period, it is important not to blow out the candle until it is completely exhausted, as this symbolizes perseverance in achieving your goals.

Add 7 Days Purple Wax to your ritual or esoteric practice to attract success, enhance your personal power and improve your spiritual protection. Order today and begin your journey to personal success and well-being.

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