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Yemanjá Candle – Protection and Purification


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Cero Yemanjá – Protection and Purification from Deep Waters

The Yemanjá Candle is a votive offering dedicated to the majestic Yoruba deity, revered as a universal mother, protector of the seas and symbol of spiritual healing. This special candle, designed with care and devotion, is a tangible way to honor Yemanjá and invoke his powerful energy for protection and purification.

Product Features:

  • Spiritual Connection: Lighting the Yemanjá Candle means establishing a deep connection with the mother of the Orishas and the primordial waters she embodies. This candle serves as a focal point for your worship and as a means of invoking Yemanjá’s presence and blessings in your life.
  • Protection and Purification: Yemanjá is known for her ability to protect and purify those who dedicate their respect and devotion to her. Lighting this candle can help you create an energy field of safety and benevolence around you and your family, repelling negative influences and promoting harmony and healing.
  • Tradition and Culture: The Yemanjá Candle is a tribute to the rich cultural tradition of Afro-Brazilian religions and Orishas’ worship practices. It is a way to immerse oneself in the beauty and depth of these ancient traditions, celebrating the wisdom and strength of Yemanjá.

Why Choose the Yemanjá Candle:

If you wish to honor Yemanjá and receive his protection and support, the Yemanjá Candle is an ideal choice. This candle not only adds a touch of sacredness to your space, but also connects you with the enveloping and beneficial energy of this beloved deity. Light the Yemanjá Candle and immerse yourself in the majesty and grace of the deep waters, feeling protected and purified by its loving presence.

Who is Yemanja?

Yemanjá (or Yemayá, Iemanjá, among other spelling variants) is a deity worshipped in Afro-Brazilian religions such as Candomblé, Umbanda, and other Orishas cult traditions that originate in West African Yoruba mythology. It is also known in Caribbean countries where Santería is practiced, where it is syncretized with the Virgin Mary, particularly Our Lady of Regla.

Yemanjá is considered the mother of all Orishas (deities) and humans, making her a central figure of motherhood and fertility. She is the goddess of the seas and oceans, a symbol of motherhood, creation and healing. She is revered as the patroness of the family and is often depicted as a mermaid or as a beautiful woman emerging from the waters.

Her holidays are especially popular in Brazil, particularly on February 2, when thousands of devotees gather on the beaches to offer her gifts in the form of flowers, mirrors, perfumes, and small boats launched into the sea, as a sign of gratitude and a request for protection and blessings.

Associations with Yemanjá include seawater, the colors blue and white, and objects that symbolize beauty and femininity. She is known for her ability to listen and answer the prayers of her devotees, especially those involving family problems and the protection of children.

The cult of Yemanjá is a living example of how African traditions have merged with indigenous and colonial cultures of the Americas, creating a rich fabric of spiritual practices that continue to evolve and adapt to local contexts.

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