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Bronze Lilith pendant with owl


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Bronze Lilith pendant

The Bronze Lilith Pendant is an extraordinary artistic and symbolic expression that captures the mysterious and powerful essence of Lilith, the female deity associated with darkness and astrology. This charming pendant is expertly crafted from cold-worked bronze and measures 3 cm in height and 2.5 cm in width, making it a piece of jewelry to be worn with pride and meaning.

In the center of the pendant, a magnificent owl is carved with great detail and precision. The owl is an iconic symbol of Lilith and also represents the nocturnal aspect of the female deity, giving the pendant an aura of mystery and power. Its finely etched feathers capture the majesty of this nocturnal bird and its deep symbolic meaning.

Around the depiction of the owl, the name “Lilith” was gracefully engraved in Hebrew characters. This choice of characters adds a touch of authenticity and depth to the pendant, linking it directly to Jewish tradition and the myth of Lilith. Next to the name, the corresponding astrological symbol has also been delicately engraved, thus completing the overall design of the pendant.

Wearing the Bronze Lilith Pendant brings with it a statement of strength, mystery and femininity. This pendant is more than just an ornament; it is a piece of art that tells an ancient and powerful story. It is perfect for those who are fascinated by mythology and astrology, and wish to express their connection with the enigmatic energy of Lilith. Add this stunning pendant to your wardrobe and let its beauty and meaning inspire you every day.

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