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Seal of Asmoday Asmodeus


Seal of Astaroth prince of hell

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Pendant Seal of Asmoday Asmodeus

Asmoday Asmodeus seal pendant necklace.

Material: Stainless Steel

He prefers to be called Asmoday, but is also known as Asmodeus, Asmodaeus, pronounced in Arabic Ashmed; אשמדאי Ashmedeu in Hebrew, or also Chammadai, Sydonai

According to the Jewish demonological tradition Asmodeus is said to be the leader of the demons and has sometimes been identified with their prince. In fact, Asmodeus appears both in the Old Testament apocryphal gospels, in which he is presented as an evil spirit possessed by lust, and in the Book of Tobias in which the 7 angels opposed to the 7 Amesha are remembered.
According to the various traditions Asmodeus would cover various roles:
– keeper / treasure finder (according to Goetia)
– builder of Solomon’s temple (Jewish tradition)
The exact etymology of its name is uncertain. Some argue that the name “Asmodeus” derives from the Aramaic word “As’medi” or “Destroyer” as can also be deduced from the texts of Tobias.

A hereditary film the roots of evil was also made about this demon.



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