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Second and fourth pentacle of venus – key of solomon

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The Second Pentacle of Venus and the Fourth Pentacle of Venus, known as the Pentacle Medal of Solomon’s Key, are magical talismans with deep connections to the sentimental sphere and the influence of Venus. These powerful seals carry with them a range of meanings and uses that make them valuable tools for those seeking love, protection and success in relationships.

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Second and fourth pentacle of venus – key of solomon

Medal pentacle of Solomon ‘s key Second is Fourth pentacle of Venus, single talismans, choose the most appropriate one.

Below the meaning is the use of the same

Second pentacle of venus

The Second Pentacle of Venus . These Pentacles have the virtue of procuring graces and honors, and all those things that pertain to Venus , and to satisfy relative desires. [The letters inside the different sectors of the five-pointed star form, used several times, the names of Angels of Venus: Anael, Monachici, AEgalmiel The verse is from the Song of Songs, 8, 6: “Pone me ut signaculum super or tuum ut signaculum super brachium tuum quia fortis est ut mors dilectio]

Fourth pentacle of venus

The Fourth Pentacle of Venus . It is of great power, because it enforces obedience to the Spirits of Venus, and instantly forces any person to come with you. [In the four vertices of the figure with the curved sides are inserted the letters of the Tetragrammaton, The others are names of Spirits of Venus: (Sais), (labi), (Ilii), (Xelihehe), (Ibesi). The verse around it is from Genesis, 2, 23-24: “Hoc est enim os tic ossibus et caro de carne mea”]

The Seal of Venus is a Magic Talisman of Love and allows its owner to obtain what his heart desires in the sentimental sphere and in all interactions adjacent to it. It is the Supreme Talisman of Venus.

Uses of the second and fourth pentacles of Venus

This seal allows to obtain sentimental attraction on the person to whom it is applied. It has the power to protect the possessor from all negative influences in love, larvae, energy vampires, envy and evil eye, gossip, wickedness of the people, rejecting energies of form inharmonious and unbalanced on an energetic level.

  • It takes away bad luck in love.
  • Auspicious the balance between body and spirit.
  • Develop personal charm, attracting sympathies and friendships. – Auspicious more than one occupation (second job).
  • Auspicious reconciliations of newly separated couples, must be brought by one of the two.
  • It favors new friendships and meetings in general.
  • It governs and protects the physical appearance from aging and other disfiguring factors.
  • If kept in the house, it favors the return of a family member, away voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • If worn, it protects the unity of the family of those who wear it and brings well-being and luck to this family.
  • Auspicious the charm of a man.
  • Facilitates amorous approaches and small sentimental adventures.
  • Protects the fleeting encounters of lovers. It governs and protects the genital system.
  • It favors the aesthetic taste of those who carry out an activity related to fashion.
  • It protects and favors the success of the minor arts (art or fashion shops in any case linked to taste).
  • It rejects and wards off occult attacks that affect clarity, normal sex life and daily life.
  • It is the indispensable Talisman for those who want to seduce easily in the sentimental sphere or in activities in contact with people. Free from awkwardness, it makes it more attractive in gestures, behaviors and looks.
  • Bind with a partner (or a) propitiating the overcoming of even serious sentimental crises.
  • To keep a couple together (marriage, cohabitation, engagement) eradicating existing difficulties and avoiding the emergence of new ones.
  • To sensitize the partner to their needs.
  • Refine the harmony of the couple (marriage, cohabitation, engagement), providing for the awakening or improvement of physical and erotic attraction.
  • It arouses a strong attraction in the chosen person, so much so that it can start a romantic relationship.


  • The perfect size to fit in your pocket or purse, as a keychain or just around your neck.

  • Only 13.08 grams, so you can take it anywhere without any problems.

  • Stainless steel material

  • Complete with metal necklace

  • Size: 38 x 44mm – 13.08g

Additional information

Weight100 g

Fourth Pentacle of Venus, Second Pentacle of Venus


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