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Box with pentacle 4 elements in black soapstone


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Box with pentacle 4 elements in black soapstone

The Black Soapstone 4 Element Pentacle Box is a rectangular-shaped box made from black soapstone, a type of natural stone of volcanic origin. The box has a smooth and polished finish, with a size of 15x12x6 cm. On the lid of the box is a pentacle embedded with the four elements (air, water, earth and fire) represented around the five-pointed star.

This box could be used to hold ritual items, jewelry or for storing valuables. The pentacle is a very versatile symbol, and its meaning can vary depending on the context in which it is used. In most cases, the pentacle is associated with magic, spirituality and occultism. The elements represented around the pentacle are often associated with nature and its energy, and can be used in magical or spiritual rituals to represent or invoke the forces of nature. Black soapstone is also often associated with protection and safety, and can be used to create a relaxing and protective atmosphere in the room where the box is placed.

It is not only a decorative box, but also a box for storing our most precious treasures. The Pentagram is one of the most powerful and ancient talismans in existence. It symbolizes the name of God (pentagram = four letters), which was not supposed to be pronounced in ancient times, and is most commonly used by magicians and sorcerers because of its ability to facilitate mind opening and visualization. Strong protective symbol, used as a defense against witchcraft and as a spell and spirit restraint. It serves as protection against negative and natural forces and as a defense against aggressors. It helps in the pursuit of one’s goal and increases charisma.

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