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Pentacle object holder box carved in wood


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Pentacle object holder box carved in wood

Our carved walnut pentacle object box is an authentic work of art that combines form and function in an exceptional way. This box is designed to provide an elegant storage solution for your treasured esoteric items, while the carved pentacle adds a touch of mysticism and meaning.

Walnut wood, known for its beauty and durability, was expertly crafted to create this box, ensuring exceptional quality and strength. Precise measurements of 17.5 x 13 x 6.5 centimeters make it perfect for fitting a variety of items, from jewels to treasured secrets.

The carved pentacle on the top of the box adds a unique and spiritual element. The pentacle is a symbol rich in meaning, often associated with various esoteric and spiritual traditions. Its presence on this box adds a magical and mysterious dimension, making this box not only a practical container, but also a decorative element that will catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

The storage box features an interlocking lid that fits snugly on the base, keeping your personal treasures safe. It is ideal for storing jewelry, small valuables, amulets, and more. High-quality craftsmanship ensures that each box is unique, with slight variations in the wood grain that make it truly special.

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a friend or an elegant way to store your most treasured items, our walnut carved pentacle storage box is the perfect choice. It combines refined aesthetics, exceptional durability and spiritual symbolism to offer a complete experience. Add a touch of magic and beauty to your life with this extraordinary storage box.

  • In walnut wood and carved pentacle
  • Measures 17.5 x 13 x 6.5 cm

Additional information

Weight300 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 6,5 cm


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