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Metatron Plaque in Black Onyx with Rock Crystal


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Metatron Plaque in Black Onyx with Rock Crystal – Harmony and Divine Light

Bring harmony and divine light into your life with the Metatron Plaque in Black Onyx, enriched with a rock crystal. This elegant and powerful plaque, printed with gold details, is a perfect complement for your spiritual practice and daily well-being.

Main Features:

  • Quality Material: Made of fine black onyx, the plaque offers high quality and durability.
  • Gold Print: Gold details add a touch of elegance and symbolism, giving the plaque a refined aesthetic.
  • ROCK CRYSTAL: The rock crystal prism, strategically placed on the plaque, refracts direct sunlight, creating luminous effects, colorful spectra and giving the environment a positive energy.
  • Ideal Size: With a diameter of 8 cm, the plaque is compact enough to be placed wherever you wish, offering versatility in your spiritual practice.

Recommended Uses:

  1. Meditation: The plaque is ideal for meditation, helping you to concentrate and connect with higher energies.
  2. Divination: Take advantage of light effects during divination sessions to gain insights and guide your esoteric practices.
  3. Positive Energy Attraction: Place the plaque in strategic places to attract and channel positive energies into your life.

Add the Metatron Plaque in Black Onyx with Rock Crystal to your sacred space and enjoy a deeper connection with divine energies. Elevate your spiritual practice and decorate your environment with this extraordinary esoteric object.

Additional information

Weight200 g


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