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Crystal ball


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Crystal ball

Crystalomancy is a divinatory art that uses the observation of crystals, mirrors, glass, and reflective surfaces to predict the future.
This divinatory technique, one of the oldest and most widespread, is a variant of Cathopromancy that is based precisely on the questioning of mirrors.
This practice over the centuries gradually lost its importance and gradually gave way to a more specific divinatory art: crystalomancy. The latter is still practiced today by many scholars and experts in the divination arts.
Crystalomancy, in turn, includes three divination methods that employ the crystal ball, mirrors or crystals, respectively. The black mirror is a practice similar to the crystal ball.

The crystal ball

In the field of Crystallomancy, the use of the sphere is the divination method par excellence, so much so that ordinary people often consider it a synonym for fortune-telling, shrouded in an aura of mystery and legend. The name ‘Beryl Art,’ by which experts distinguish this esoteric art, comes from beryllium, the mineral from which the sphere is made, although in some cases the latter can also be made from quartz or black obsidian, as in the case of black mirrors.
The crystal ball cannot be easily used by everyone, but it can always be learned; in fact, only a select few are able to see the key images and figures that enable them to predict the future. A ‘substantial importance is also held by the very material of which the sphere is composed, beryllium or quartz, which must be in a pure state.

Diameter: 80mm
Material: Crystal

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Weight400 g


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