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Pomba Gira extract essence – love domination


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Pomba Gira extract essence

Love domination, scent of sexual attraction

Our authentic Pomba Gira esoteric extract is a perfume that was created for you to have power over it. May you have the reins of the relationship. Because sometimes it is not at all easy to dominate men, as by nature they are rebellious and independent.

With this Pomba Guira extract being right and in control is now possible, thanks to Pomba Gira essence, which you can purchase right here. Of concentrated perfume, a product that has been made with the best elements and then ritualized. In addition, it can be mixed with your cologne or your daily perfume, so that its smell is not noticed.
Authentic Pomba Gira esoteric extract, power over it

This fantastic sexual attraction scent extract, our authentic esoteric Pomba Gira extract (power over it), is made to give you more control than you normally have.

Do you want your man to want you more strongly? Do you want the man you love to do something with you that he previously refused? Take control of the situation with this powerful ritualized essence, which you will love for its efficiency and effectiveness.
A powerful essence to exercise your dominion over men

Best of all, the powerful sexual attraction scent i.e. Pomba Gira extract will not cost you too much, as you will find it at a good price in our online esoteric products store.

If you want to take control of a man, but you know that with your way of being you can’t, because he has more mental strength, it is time for you to acquire the power of belief and control. You just have to wear this perfume and you will see how it becomes much more docile.

Extracted from the powerful perfume of Pomaba Gira made according to ancient customs, this product is one of the most successful in Santeria and its use is as simple as placing a few drops discreetly behind the ears, neck or wrists to obtain the desired effects; Basically, it is fragrant oil mixed with other secret ingredients. Santeria is a magical and religious cult that arises from the union between the ancestral beliefs of the African gods (orisas) and Catholic saints. This perfect symbiosis, which is called syncretism, opens a door for us to get in touch with the subtle and archetypal energies that are capable of helping us in all moments of our life.

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