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Pusanga Esoteric Perfume – Love Attraction


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Pusanga Esoteric Perfume – Love Attraction

Pusanga esoteric perfume. The Perfume of pusanga is a perfume that increases personal power of seduction 100%. We need pusanga to attract the beloved or desired person. Pusanga or Puzanga is a substance that consists of steeping plants and roots from the Peruvian jungle. For the purpose of falling in love, the aroma of this substance causes an unstoppable taste in everyone. By altering their sex hormones, no person will be able to resist you; when you have pusanga in you, they will be able to help you win that person you desire in your life.

A few drops of pusanga, the magical scent of love, secretly lay on the skin of the person you want to win over and the magic will take place. Your loved one and the reason for your suffering will fall at your feet.

Pusanga generally takes effect, in about 45-60 minutes, varies from person to person as it varies in the environment you are in.

Pusanga is one of the natural scents that helps a person attract a loved one. One of its special qualities is keeping your loved one by your side for as long as you wish. You can also associate this scent with a dominion candle, and this will help you improve your lifestyle, generating happiness and love.

Pusanga cologne, with this powerful elixir you can achieve the most impossible love.

Bottle size: 100ml

NB. image on the label may vary, but the product is still the same

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Weight300 g


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