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    Burning incense essences Tree of life


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    Burning incense / tree of life essences

    Burns aromatic essences with Tree of life design, for the diffusion of essential oils and more. Create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room or during a treatment (massage).

    Dimensions 9×8 cm

    Made in India.

    The Tree of Life in different religions and spiritual traditions

    The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol that has existed for centuries around the world in various religious and spiritual traditions.


    Tree of life, ancient Iran

    In Iranian mythology, there are numerous sacred plant icons related to life, healing and eternity. As keeper of plants, goddess of trees and immortality.


    Tree of Life, Baha’i Faith

    The tree of life, in the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith, represents the manifestation of God.


    Tree of life, Buddhism

    According to the Buddhist tradition, the Bodhi tree (Ficus medica) is the tree under which Prince Siddhartha sat when he reached enlightenment about 2,500 years ago in Bodh Gaya, India, and thus became the Buddha (the Awakened). .


    Tree of life, China

    In Chinese mythology, a sculpture of a tree of life frequently also depicts a phoenix and a dragon, where the dragon often represents immortality. A Taoist story tells of a tree that, every three thousand years, produces a peach capable of giving immortality to anyone who ate it.


    Tree of life, Europe

    Antoine-Joseph Pernety, a famous eighteenth-century writer and alchemist, identified the tree of life with the elixir of life and the philosopher’s stone.


    Tree of life, Germanic paganism and Norse mythology

    Trees play a prominent role in Germanic paganism and are mentioned in various ways in traditional texts and even in the name of the Germanic gods. The tree of life appears in the Nordic religion as Yggdrasil, the world tree, which spans 9 areas and contains the 3 magical sources of all life: the source of wisdom and knowledge, the source of past, present and future and the source of space, the cosmos.


    Tree of life, Islam

    Trees also play an important role in the Quran. The date palm is mentioned about 20 times and is said to come from heaven. It is the tree under which Mary – according to Allah – gave birth to Jesus. About the olive tree it is written: “It showed the pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of the Lamb of God. In the middle of the road and across the river grows the tree of life that uncovers twelve baskets of fruit every month. And the leaves of this tree are used to heal the people. ”


    Tree of Life, Mesoamerica – Mayan culture

    Among the Maya, the central world tree was conceived, or represented, by a ceiba tree. It represents the stable center of the universe.


    Tree of life, Judaism

    The tree of life is mentioned in the Book of Genesis. The best known tree in the garden of Eden is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, from which Adam and Eve ate the apple and were expelled from paradise. Judaism also mentions the tree of life or the tree of souls. This tree produces souls and therefore life itself.


    Tree of life, Native Americans

    The tree of life motif is very much present in Native American traditions, including the Ojibway cosmology. The tree of life represents everything that lives on this planet and in the universe. It “beats” the rhythm of life, day after day, year after year, life after life. Native Americans greatly appreciate everything that lives and are masters of maintaining the balance between their needs and what nature offers.

    Additional information

    Weight 175 g
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 9 cm


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