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Incense burning cauldron 3 moons wicca


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Cauldron burns incense 3 moons

The Wiccan 3 Moons Incense Burning Cauldron is a perfect item for fans of the practice of Wiccan magic or those who like to create an enchanted atmosphere in their home. The cauldron is made of durable metal and has a pot shape with three moons engraved on the outer surface.

This cauldron can be used to burn incense, create magic, or as a simple decorative object. Because of its compact size, the Wiccan 3 Moons Incense Burning Cauldron can be easily placed on an altar or shelf, adding a touch of mystery and charm to your home.

The three moons design engraved on the cauldron symbolizes the phases of the moon and its magical power, which is especially important in Wiccan practice. The Wiccan 3 Moons Incense Burning Cauldron is an excellent choice for those who wish to create a mystical and relaxing atmosphere in their home, or for those who are looking for a unique decorative item with mysterious appeal.

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Weight200 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


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