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Copal copal Incense in resin grains

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Copal copal Incense in resin grains

High quality, imported directly from india.

It is used for personal purification especially when negative thoughts are present or during a depression. Promote and regulate the spiritual realm of the heart. Useful for purifying crystals and stones before spells.

Composition :
Copal (Agathis Dammara)

With incense burners, the burning process will be slower than with charcoal. It is possible to mix this incense with other types of incense, as long as you use a slightly larger burner.

Pack of 30 gr

Natural Copal resin is perfect for medium encaustic art blends. Copal can be added in various proportions for different textures, looks and uses.
Copal gum is obtained from the Dipterocarpaceae tree family in India and East Asia, mainly those of the Shorea, Balanocarpus or Hopea genera. Most are produced by touching trees; however, some are collected in fossilized form from the soil. The gum varies in color from clear to pale yellow, while the fossilized form is gray-brown. Copal is a triterpenoid resin, containing a large number of triterpenes and their oxidation products. Many of them are low-molecular-weight compounds (dammarane, dammarenolic acid, oleanane, oleanonic acid, etc.), But this also contains a polymeric fraction, composed of polycadinene, which is used in food, as an opacifying or coating agent, and in the production of frankincense.

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Weight 50 g

30 gr, 60 gr


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