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Dragon’s Blood Dragon’s Blood Powdered Incense


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Dragon’s Blood Dragon’s Blood Powdered Incense

Blood Dragon (Daemonorops draco)
The dragon tree grows in the swampy regions of Asia, Africa and Australia. Magical powers are attributed to this resin. Incense for offerings and rituals, protective and strengthens resistance. Blended with Sandalwood, Cedar or Labdanum, it is a very sensual blend.

  • Element: fire
  • Main effect on: body
  • 100% pure, natural
  • Pure natural resin incense to burn in a heat resistant saucer with charcoal or on a special sieve burner.
  • It can be used for various purification and love rituals.
  • Product 15g approx.

Use of dragon blood incense powder

Suitable for burning on a heat resistant saucer with charcoal or on an incense burner with sieve. The burning process on a sieve incense burner is slower than with charcoal.

You can easily mix incense with other varieties of incense. Also available are tongs to safely ignite the charcoal, tongs to handle the sieve, a steel brush to clean the sieve and a pheasant feather to disperse the aroma. A 125 mm sieve can also be suitable for an essence burner, by removing the cup.

Used for protection, good luck and consecration. Designed to increase the potency of other resins. Enhance rituals involving love, protection, and exorcism. It is believed to have aphrodisiac properties when burned.

True dragon blood is the latex that exudes from the Daemomorops Draco tree when an incision is made, usually on a crescent moon. To do this, a gourd or other container is placed under the incision. The resulting latex is left to dry in the sun. Once dried, it is crushed to obtain the valuable resin, sometimes mistakenly marketed as aromatic incense.

Although in this presentation it was packaged only for religious and esoteric purposes, dragon’s blood is also well known in folk medicine for its hemostatic and astringent use, and in industry it is used as one of the most valued dyes. Ceremonially it is an ancient resin used for love, protection and fading negative energies. It is also used during ceremonies that are performed to ward off spirits or negative energies.

This resin is a powerful protector when transported. It can be deposited, of course, in the corners of the house or business to protect or clean it. It can also be burned as if it were incense, although its main purpose is to enhance the aroma of other incense by mixing a small amount with your usual incense.

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Weight25 g

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