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Dragon’s Blood Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense


Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense, known as “dragon’s blood,” is a 100% natural resin incense, extracted from plants such as Draecaena cinnabari. It is widely used in rituals to enhance psychic strength, protect against negative influences and fight the evil eye. This resin can amplify the properties of other incenses and is suitable for personalizing spiritual practices. The burning process is slower with incense burners, allowing a gradual diffusion of its aroma. The semi-sweet floral aroma with spicy notes adds a sensory dimension. Dragon’s Blood is used for protection, good luck, consecration and is believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Available in 30-gram packs, it is a convenient choice for those who practice regularly.

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Dragon’s Blood Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense

Dragon’s Blood, known as “dragon’s blood,” is an incense resin known for its powerful and versatile properties. Here is an expansion of the information provided:

Natural Origin: Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense is 100% pure, raw, unprocessed incense extracted from the resin of certain plants, specifically Draecaena cinnabari. This makes it a natural and authentic product.

Use in Rituals: This resin is widely used in spiritual and magical rituals. It is known to increase psychic strength and protect against negative influences. It is often burned to fight the evil eye and to exorcise evil from supernatural entities.

Potentiation of Other Incenses: A unique aspect of Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense is its ability to make the properties of other incenses more potent. This makes it a valuable component in ritual practices where you want to amplify the effectiveness of other incenses.

Combustion Process: To burn Dragon’s Blood, it is advisable to use incense burners. The burning process is slower than with charcoal, which allows a gradual diffusion of its aroma.

Versatility: This incense can be mixed with other types of incense to customize one’s practices. However, it is advisable to use a slightly larger burner when mixing with other incenses to ensure even burning.

Distinctive Aroma: Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense exudes a semi-sweet floral aroma with light spicy notes, adding a sensory element to your practice.

Specific Uses: It is known for its ability to protect, bring good luck and consecrate environments. It is also believed to increase the potency of other resins and enhance rituals related to love, protection and exorcism. Some believe it has aphrodisiac properties when burned, adding a romantic dimension to ceremonies.

Generous Packaging: It is available in 30-gram packages, making it an affordable option for those who wish to use it regularly in their spiritual practices.

100% pure, natural, raw and unprocessed.

It is used in general for rituals, increases psychic strength and fights the evil eye, exorcizes the evil of supernatural entities. It makes the properties of other incenses more powerful.

With incense burners, the burning process will be slower than with charcoal. It is possible to mix this incense with other types of incense, as long as you use a slightly larger burner.

A semi-sweet, slightly spicy floral aroma.

Used for protection, good luck and consecration. Designed to increase the potency of other resins. Enhance rituals involving love, protection, and exorcism. It is believed to have aphrodisiac properties when burned.

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Weight110 g

30 gr, 60 gr


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