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Resin Incense Grains Purification


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Resin Incense Grains Purification

This mixture of incense grains has been optimized for cleansings and purifications of all your ritual tools, or tarot cards, runes, etc. But also for your own purification.

This unique incense blend is specially formulated to ensure maximum effectiveness in your ritual ceremonies and to help you maintain a constant state of purification. Whether you are a tarot enthusiast, rune expert or simply seeking deep spiritual purification, this selection of incense grains is the perfect choice for you.

Purification through Resin Incense Grains

Grain resin frankincense has been known for centuries for its extraordinary purifying properties, and our mix is no exception. Each grain has been carefully selected to ensure maximum purity and potency, creating a mixture that can effectively remove negative energies and impurities from any ritual instrument. When you light these scented beads, their fragrance envelops your space and purifies everything it touches.

Ritual Instruments at Their Utmost Splendor

Practitioners of esoteric arts know how important it is to keep their ritual tools in an optimal state. Purification resin grain incense was created specifically for this purpose. After each ceremony, simply burn a small amount of this wonderful mixture to purify your magical objects. Whether it’s your tarot cards, sacred runes or any other ritual tools, this practice will help keep them charged with positive energy.

Personal and Spiritual Purification

Purification is not only about your instruments, but also about your spirit. Purification resin grain incense can become an integral part of your spiritual wellness routine. When you wish to rid yourself of negative thoughts or stress accumulated during the day, light this incense and allow its purifying energy to envelop you. Close your eyes and let its scent guide you to a state of inner calm.

Composition of resin grain purification incense:

  • Olibanum Boswellia papyrifera resin (origin Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan)
  • Commiphora myrrha resin (origin Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia)
  • Styrax benzoin resian (origin Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia)
  • Sandalwood Pterocarpus soyauxii Taub (origin West Africa)
  • quantity per box: 30g
  • Good for purfication

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Weight 40 g


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