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Fast luck incense


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Fast luck incense

Fast Luck Incense is particularly good for attracting the luck you have lost into your life much faster than you imagine. With this incense you will not have to continue to suffer from the bad streak you are suffering from. Bad luck will completely vanish from your life once and for all.

Thanks to the great power that this incense gives you to burn, you will completely change the course of your life. Luck will knock on your door in all the most important areas of your life, such as love, health, money, work or family. There are many people who, thanks to its power, have been able to leave behind the bad situations they were experiencing.

Benefits of incense fast luck

  • With the help of this mystical incense you will leave bad luck behind, attracting good luck in your life , as well as in the life of your loved ones.
  • You will be able to make all your dreams and wishes come true, no matter what aspect of your life we are talking about (love, money, health, work, family, friendship)
  • You will put an end to the negative influences and black magic that had negatively affected your life, preventing your dreams and desires from coming true.
  • You will be able to avoid that nothing and nobody can take away the luck of your life
  • Plus, as if that weren’t enough, this incense is perfect for dramatically boosting your self-esteem.

Presentation of incense

  • It is a tin box which has a total of 20 sticks
  • It was made with superior quality natural oils
  • Each wand takes 20-30 minutes to consume
  • Each stick was handcrafted

How to use this incense to attract good luck?

The use is very simple. Use a match or a lighter to light the incense stick. Remember to place it in advance in a special incense holder and away from open windows. Let it burn for about 10 seconds and turn off the flame.

Gradually it will be consumed and releasing its delicious aroma. If you want it to fulfill its purpose, not only should you let each stick run out completely, but you will also need to regularly light one of these incense sticks to keep luck by your side, as its effects are not permanent over time

Additional information

Weight50 g


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