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Dominion esoteric oil – coercive


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Dominion esoteric oil – coercive

Domination esoteric oil, an ideal natural element for your rituals. This product is used to dominate people.

To dominate a person use this esoteric oil

The dominance of a person is the coercive power that an individual has over another that is inferior to him due to his function or position.

  • With this esoteric domination oil you will enjoy the ability to control.
  • Most importantly, impose the supremacy, power and authority over another person.

You will have whoever you want under your domain and you will make them follow your instructions and instructions.

The purpose of the oil is only for esoteric use, but this specific oil can also be used in massage, is you can combine it with other products to enhance rituals or requests.

Uses and benefits of this oil

  • Oil for the purpose of mastery is for esoteric uses only .

  • You can use the oil of mastery to anoint candles, lanterns, amulets, and other ritual items.

  • It can be combined with esoteric powders and salts to enhance domination requests, rituals and spells.

  • It can also be used on the body as a massage.

  • It must be used knowingly, asking for a person’s dominance.

  • It will give you power, supremacy and authority to exercise dominion over anyone.

  • You can control whoever you want.

  • This oil was handcrafted.

If your goal is to have some supremacy or power over someone else, you can use the oil of dominance to help you control who you want.

It can be used in conjunction with esoteric powder or salt to speed up your demand.

Once consumed, you will be able to exercise power and control over that person.

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