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Pomba Gira Ritual Oil – love seduction power


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Pomba Gira Ritual Oil – love seduction power

Pomba Gira ritual oil , a product suitable for your rituals. It is a natural element that is used for demands for physical attraction and aphrodisiacs .

Generate greater sexual attraction with the Pomba Gira ritual oil

Pomba Gira is said to be an Afro-Brazilian spirit that is often evoked by those who practice the Umbanda and Quimbanda religions in Brazil.

His followers make requests and thank him with offerings such as liquor, flowers, tobacco and candles.

This spirit is capable of lighting or recovering the flame of a lost love, or of a love that arrives for the first time, as well as being able to increase the attraction and sexual desire in the couple.

The purpose oil Pomba Gira it is indicated not only for rituals of sexual attraction, but also because it is a powerful aphrodisiac, a substance that empowers and increases sexual arousal in who uses it.

If you want to enjoy more sexually with your partner , this is the product you should use.

How to use and advantages of Pomba Gira oil

  • It should be used for esoteric purposes only. It can also be used in massages!

  • It has benefits for sexuality of the couple. Increase attraction and sexual desire.

  • It is an aphrodisiac , so it generates more arousal in men and women.

  • It can be used in conjunction with other esoteric powders which also help in generating sexual attraction.

  • It is used to anoint candles, candles, amulets and other ritual objects.

  • It can be used as an enhancer of sex and attraction requests and rituals.

Purpose pomba oil , as we explained above, works to increase sexual desire between the couple and has aphrodisiac properties.

It can be used to enhance the sexual act and to generate more arousal.

One of the ways to use it is to grease it with a candle which also serves to improve sexuality in the couple.

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