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Cascarilla Cubana


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Cascarilla Cubana

Cascarilla: It is a widely used element within the Yoruba Religion, it belongs to the Cuban tradition and to the Santeria, its elaboration is based on pulverized eggshells, mixed with holy water and which brings in its preparation songs and prayers, at least this it is the liturgical and royal form of construction. element so important for the performance of the rites and protections performed by the Santero and Babalao in their works, the shell is closely related to Obatala, being one of its attributes for its whiteness and purity.

There is no prayer of the head where the use of the husk is not present, because through it the spiritual and mental clarity that the person seeks when receiving the prayer is obtained. The shell serves to trace all the signs of the special consecrations that the Babalao make, since it is considered the purest element that exists and which will allow all these blows to reach the divinity to which they pay homage.

The shell is also used for attention to the Egun and at the end of the ceremonies it is essential to use it in powder form. It is used to delimit the spaces where some important consecration will take place, especially when it comes to Egun. When people in consultation manifest tribulations or more quarrels in the family unit, it is advisable to pulverize the chaff and blow it into the corners of the house, to bring peace and tranquility into the home.

How is Cascarilla used?

The cascarilla has been used in magical and religious rituals since ancient times. Its use has always been based on the protection of a house, a specific space, or a person. It can be used in form or powder, to spread on a door, or even loose to take a protective bath. The feel has a plaster-like touch, but beware, it’s not plaster! This component takes its name from the elements that compose it:

Eggshell (representing life).
Holy water (every religion or creed, bless it differently).

During the creation of the shell, the ingredients are duly consecrated, so that when they are combined, their protective power increases. It is a very useful tool for drawing symbols, circles or spraying it and dissolving it in water.

Most frequent forms of use of Cascarilla:

  • Keep away from negative vibes and evil spirits.
  • Draw sacred circles and symbols in religious rites and ceremonies.
  • Draw and hide moderately thick lines and hide under the carpets (if any) of the main doors of homes and offices, to prevent bad energies, entities or people, from entering that space.
  • Trace the symbols behind the decorative images and images, so that nothing negative can enter.

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