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Male domination esoteric powder


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Male domination esoteric powder

This male domination esoteric powder is a high quality and highly effective product. This ritualized element is used to bond your man to you and dominate him.

This ritual powder is suitable for esoteric uses in which you want to make a request to bind or dominate that person you like so much and are struggling to get his or her attention.

When we talk about “binding” a person, we refer to attracting them to us, binding them to us, making them feel conquered by the attributes of those who want to conquer them.

Domination is that action in which we can “manage” or “control” a person so that he acts the way we want or does what we want. They are similar, but not the same.

Sometimes, without realizing it, we drift away from the person we love. In couple relationships there is a moment in which everyday life gives way to boredom and indifference.

And for love to last we need that “spark” to warm the relationship again. We need to strengthen the bonds that unite us.

  • It can be used in combination with other esoteric products: oils, salts, candles, greasepaint, amulets, soaps, esoteric baths.
  • It is indicated for esoteric uses to bind and dominate.



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