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Almizcle Esoteric Powder Musk love and cleansing


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Almizcle Moss Esoteric Powder

One of the most popular uses of esoteric moss powder (in Spanish Almizcle) is related to love. Through rituals, it helps us to awaken the sexual appetite in people whose carnal desire seems to have gone out.

In addition to its use for love, moss has many other uses:

There are countless spells you can perform with moss, so that your economy has a good run and boom season arrives.
With moss it is also recommended to clean the house, so as to free it from witchcraft and bad vibrations. You will feel that, after cleaning your whole house with moss, peace will return to your home and harmony will flow between the members of the family group.
If used for the home, it is advisable to place some dust on the door of the house, the Esoteric Moss Powder has esoteric properties that prevent the entry of bad energies or evil spirits.

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Weight 50 g


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