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Dust esoteric money attraction


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Dust esoteric money attraction

The Esoteric Dust money attraction, serve in those situations to attract money, and these situations can be work, luck.

How to use them?
Powders can be put in bags, candles and rituals.

Esoteric and santeria powders can be used in many ways.
You can spread them in corners, furniture, doors of your home, you can use them as a complement to enhance your ritual and even mix them with special waters and spray your home or the place where you want your purpose to be fulfilled.

Next I’ll show you the most common uses of esoteric powders:

1- We can also use them to enhance our amulet by putting some powder in a bag and putting it together with our amulet.

2- You can spread them directly to the place where we want our wish to come true (doors, furniture, corners, cars).

3-You can mix the powders in the bucket you always use to wash the floor with water and scrub the place where you want the purpose to be achieved.

4- You can first touch the dust with your index finger and then touch the person or garment of the person you want to charm, help or despair!

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