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Black Precipitado – black magic ritual accelerant


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Black Precipitado – black magic ritual accelerant

Black Precipitado esoteric powder is used in those rituals where we want to separate, undermine or create conflict between two people. This is a very good ritual accelerant, serving precisely to speed up the ritual and make it more powerful.
In the spirit world, the Black Precipitate is used to purify. To relieve low vibration spirits and dispel any negative energy that, over time, accumulates. It is important to put some in all corners of rooms, leaving them free of heavy energy and bags.

High-quality black precipitate. A product suitable for your rituals. It also serves to get away from toxic people and eliminate the negative.

What is the purpose of the black precipitate?

It is an extremely strong color with presence. It is usually associated with negative feelings, but some of them are not so bad.

It has to do with death, violence, mystery, emptiness, loneliness and sadness, but also elegance and sensuality, which are not such bad things after all, right?

In esotericism, black precipitate is used for separation rituals. If we want to create conflict somewhere or between people, this powder is used. It is also very common to use it when we want someone to move away from us.

Many people today are afraid to use this powder, since all powders regardless of their characteristics can be used for white magic or black magic.

In addition, the dust precipitated black is like mother powder and is used to enhance all your rituals and spells.

Characteristics of black precipitated powder

Used in spells and rituals to separate people.

  • Used to get away from conflict or unwanted situations.
  • Important enhancer of all spells and rituals.
  • Used in white magic and black magic.
  • Combined with candles and other powders, it can be used to clean houses and people.
  • It is the most effective powder of all precipitates.

Black Precipitado is excellent for spiritual purification because it paralyzes threshold spirits (a kind of purgatory where the spirits that have not evolved are), due to the specific characteristics of the product itself, which, in addition to its intense purifying, uplifting and soul-protecting power.

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