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Great ritual to destroy the relationship between two people

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Great ritual to destroy the relationship between two people

You know when two people are too attached to each other, but one of the two people punctually is at a loss because the other person is glued to the other person a sick, pathological mine? Generating an unhealthy relationship with the other person in a way that creates problems for those around them?
Here this ritual is to separate these people and make the “submissive” person open his eyes, because the problem is right here, the submissive person often ruins his life, the lives of the people around in the name often of a family member/husband/wife etc. Who only has an interest in keeping the person to himself.

Many people do not know (or pretend not to know) that the one they have near them is nothing but a pathological narcissist, the only way to be reborn is to eliminate him from their lives.

A pathological narcissist is a person who has an excessive need for admiration and attention, who feels superior to others, and who has little empathy for others. This person is often very concerned about his or her physical appearance, success, and reputation, and may display arrogant and manipulative behavior to get what he or she wants.

The pathological narcissist presents a narcissistic personality disorder, which can only be diagnosed by a mental health professional, but they often do not, and remain in the shadows doing even great damage. This disorder manifests itself through a range of behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to the person himself and others around him.

The pathological narcissist is often unable to acknowledge his or her own mistakes or accept responsibility for his or her own behavior, and can be very sensitive to criticism. This person may have difficulty maintaining healthy and meaningful relationships with others, as they tend to see people only as sources of gratification for their own needs.

This ritual will cause the submissive person to open his eyes and begin to move away from the manipulative person.

NB. this ritual can also be performed by the victim herself, assuming she realizes that she is one….

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