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Powerful Tumi attack ritual to punish and destroy a person


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Powerful Tumi Attack Ritual: To Punish and Destroy a Person

The Tumi is a ceremonial knife that plays a significant role in the pre-Columbian cultures of South America, especially among the Incas and earlier cultures, such as the Moche who inhabited present-day Peru. This instrument has a semi-circular metal blade, often made of gold or other metals, with a handle that usually depicts an important personage, such as a god, priest, or warrior. Tumi was used in various religious ceremonies.

The Powerful Tumi Attack Ritual is an esoteric practice that makes use of the symbolic power and energy of the Tumi ceremonial knife, traditionally used in the pre-Columbian cultures of South America. This ritual is designed to inflict harm and punishment on a person who has done harm or injustice.

Components of the ritual to punish and destroy a person:

  1. Tumi Representative Candle: At the center of this ritual is a candle specially fashioned to resemble the Tumi ceremonial knife. This candle, in addition to representing the power of Tumi, is charged with negative intentions directed toward the individual targeted by the ritual.
  2. Candle of Destruction: Next to the Tumi candle, a candle specially consecrated for destructive power is used. This candle is intended to channel and amplify the energy needed to inflict damage and destroy the target of the ritual.
  3. Figure of Black Exu: Exu is a central figure in the practices of umbanda and other Afro-Brazilian religions, often associated with magic and destructive power. The black Exu figure is used as a channel to invoke dark forces and direct negative energy toward the targeted individual.

How to Use the Ritual:

The Powerful Tumi Attack Ritual requires attention and concentration. To perform it properly, carefully follow the instructions included in the ritual kit. Typically, the ritual involves arranging the candles and Exu figure in a certain way.


It is recommended to use this ritual with great caution and awareness of the karmic consequences of one’s actions. The negative energy sent through this ritual can have long-lasting and unpredictable effects, so it is advisable to use it only in extreme circumstances and as a last resort, we still recommend at least doing the ritual toavoid the backlash.

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