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Macumba candle with protection ritual

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Macumba candle with ritual

Macumba is a generic name given to several syncretic cults of common practice in Brazil and heavily influenced by religion and spiritualism, the occult, Candomblé rituals brought from Africa and mixed with American Aboriginal and Christian European traditions.

This powerful ritual is to get rid of any rituals done against us, curses, hexes or works.

The Ritual Revienta Macumba powerful ritual against African, Brazilian, Cuban magic–even Venezuelan witchcraft. Moreover, it does not matter how many years have passed since they performed the black magic ritual. It blows everything up.

The Revienta Macumba Ritual is a wonderful tool when it comes to counteracting low astral, negative energies and especially envy that you may feel around you. Activating this ritual means getting rid of negative energies. Light its 7 wicks and feel all the weight of your life disappear. It will help you get rid of all kinds of jobs, salts, curses, envy, damage that are doing to you, whether you fail in love, work, money or all together. This ritual is very effective in breaking a witchcraft in progress against you.
When to do the ritual?

It is convenient that you start it on a Saturday or Sunday, but you can also start it on the day associated with what they are trying to hurt you, for example if they want you to lose your job, fall into poverty, get into debt, you can start it on a Thursday. If they are trying to hurt you in love, on Friday. If they want you to have constant fights with everyone, start on a Tuesday; if they are trying to harm your health, do it on a Monday or Saturday; if they want to isolate you and leave you alone with no relationship with anyone, start on a Wednesday.

This ritual to break a witchcraft begins with the new moon.

This withering ritual to break a witchcraft will become effective when the moon enters its waning phase again. If you have the will to do so, then consider yourself free from all evil. If your things are going from bad to worse and you don’t know what to do anymore, get to work with this Ritual Revienta Macumba in the first waning moon phase you have and be surprised by the good results!!!

We recommend taking the color according to what you want to get rid of ie:

  • Red eliminates all love bindings, love invoice, etc. Made by third parties for themselves or other people.
  • Green eliminates all those bills that attack work and business, causing you to lose work, or clients, etc. This color is good for getting rid of such negative esoteric work.
  • Yellow eliminates all those negative bills that try to undermine your personal success.
  • Black, eliminates all non-specific bills, or all 3 types shown above.

Includes all materials for its use. Instructions for use inside.

Complete with instructions in Italian, Spanish or any language you want.

Additional information

Weight 400 g

Black, Green, Red, Yellow


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