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Santa Muerte esoteric bath – purifies open roads


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Santa Muerte esoteric bath – purifies open roads

This soapy bath of Santa Muerte blesses us, purifies us, cleanses us and opens the ways, especially at the level of love. It is also a powerful purifier of negative energies and low astral entities. With the Soap Bath in Santa Muerte you can make your request and it will be granted. Holy death is willing to help us and fulfill our wishes and requests. As long as these are not negative or with the intention of harming someone, because Santa Muerte is very fair and just.

With this drain bath and the intercession of Santa Muerte, it will allow you to eliminate negative charges and low astral entities and thus prepare us to receive positive vibrations.

This bath is highly recommended whenever we feel weak, as being laden with negativity prevents us from achieving our goals. Although you can take these baths frequently, it should always be every other day, never days in a row.

Before starting the bath, it is necessary to light a candle consecrated to Santa Muerte in a safe place inside the room where we will bathe. The flame will bring us peace and tranquility while we bathe.

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