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Round black obsidian black mirror

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The black obsidian mirror is a magical object used in perceptual divination. Made of 100 percent natural black obsidian, it acts as a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm. Its measurements are 10 cm in diameter.

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The black obsidian mirror: an ancient divination tradition

A black mirror is a tool used in esoteric and occult practices, especially for divination, meditation and scrying (the art of “seeing” or “guessing” through supernatural means). Traditionally, a black mirror is not simply an ordinary mirror, but one specifically created and consecrated for magical or spiritual purposes. In this case done as tradition dictates, in obsidian!

If you are a fan of the world of esoteric arts and divination, you have probably already heard of the black obsidian mirror. This magical and mysterious object has deep roots in the official tradition of the art of perceptual divination.

100% natural black obsidian: the magic of purity

Our black mirror is made of 100 percent natural black obsidian, a stone with extraordinary properties. Black obsidian has been used for centuries in spiritual and ritual practices because of its connection to the spirit world and its ability to reveal hidden truths. It is known for its powerful energy and its connection to the dark and mysterious side of the universe.

Using a black mirror

The uses of the black mirror vary widely according to individual traditions and intentions:

  • Divination: Some use the black mirror as a tool to receive visions or messages from the spiritual realm, similar to using a crystal ball. Through concentration on the reflective surface, the user can perceive images, symbols or scenes that are interpreted as guided messages.
  • Meditation and Inner Reflection: The black mirror can be used as a focus for deep meditation, helping the individual enter a state of inner reflection or trance. Looking into the mirror, one seeks to transcend the physical and explore one’s psyche or spiritual realm.
  • Communication with Spiritual Entities: In some traditions, the black mirror is used as a portal to communicate with spiritual entities, spirit guides or ancestors. The user invokes the desired entity while focusing on the mirror, trying to make a visual connection or receive messages.

Perceptual divination: a glimpse into the unknown

Our black obsidian mirror is designed to be used primarily in perceptive divination. This form of divination involves the use of a mirror to gain a deep, inner vision of the mysteries of the afterlife. Many people believe that obsidian has the ability to act as a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm, thus enabling us to gain valuable insights and hidden knowledge.

Natural lighting to reveal its beauty

We chose to photograph our black obsidian mirror using only natural light. This is because we believe it is important to capture its authentic beauty and details accurately. As we all know, each natural stone is unique and has individual characteristics that may vary slightly from specimen to specimen. Natural light allows us to show you every nuance and facet of this wonderful stone.

Impeccable measurements: 10 cm in diameter

In terms of size, our black obsidian mirror has a diameter of 10 cm. This size has been carefully selected to provide you with an ideal viewing surface for your divination sessions. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and use in any environment, whether you are at home or traveling.

An opportunity for a more in-depth introduction

If you would like to learn more about this extraordinary divination tool, we invite you to explore our mini-book dedicated to the black mirror. This resource was created specifically for those who wish to explore the many facets of divination with the black obsidian mirror. You will find detailed information on how to use this tool effectively, along with stories and experiences shared by experienced practitioners.

To recap our black mirror for sale:

  • Black obsidian mirror , as per official tradition.
  • the mirror is made of 100% natural black obsidian.
  • The black mirror is usually used for perceptual divination.
  • The object is photographed in natural light.
  • As everyone knows, each natural stone has its own characteristics and they can differ slightly from each other.
  • Measurements: 10 cm in diameter
  • If you want an introduction you can find a mini book edited by us.


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