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Sitting Santa Muerte Statue


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Sitting Santa Muerte Statue

Magnificent seated Santa Muerte statue. It measures 23 centimeters and was hand-painted with the utmost attention to detail. It is an outstanding image, perfect for those who like a more austere and traditional concept of Santa Muerte. His feast day coincides with the Day of the Dead in Mexico, November 2.

How do you know that Sacra Muerte listens to you?

When we decide to consecrate ourselves to Santa Muerte we must do so with great faith and without any fear. Santa mote, despite our Christian faith, will not harm us. The Saint protects us in all her ways.

If we rely on Holy Death, dedicate an altar to her and pray daily that she will bless us, we will begin to notice changes in our lives that will indicate that she is listening to us. Perhaps what we ask of him will not happen overnight, but he will send us signals to let us know he is working on it.

  • You will have more stability in your life and greater self-confidence.
  • You will feel greater inner peace and you will not miss it.
  • You will notice greater comfort in times of sadness.
  • You will see how negative people will begin to move away from your life and things will begin to change for the better.
  • You will not feel lonely or afraid in difficult times.

Why pray to the statue of Santa Muerte

It is important to be very careful with our requests to the Santa muerte. His power to ward off evil is so great that if we ask anything for an enemy with a grudge, we may be harmed. From the saint we must always go in peace with our thoughts.

  • Holy Death is a very powerful healer.
  • It is also an excellent ally in fighting the evil eye and other spells that harm our physical and spiritual well-being. If we have this kind of problem, it is advisable to purchase a Black Holy Death figure and perform a ritual with it for that purpose.
  • She will remove negative people, envy and resentment from our lives.
  • Santa Muerte Negra is also invoked to ask for daily protection and stability in life.
  • To help us find stolen or lost items.
  • She is greatly adored for helping to find missing or kidnapped people.
  • He is called by those who are about to die so that their death will not be painful or violent and they can march in peace.

Symbology of santa muerte

There are many symbols that accompany the Black Girl. All of them have great significance and represent an essential part of what Santa Muerte is to its devotees.

  • The scythe he carries in his right hand is the tool he has been given to reap the souls of those who must leave the earthly world.
  • The owl that perches at his feet is a symbol of wisdom, for Santa Muerte is as old as the world and knows everything about it. The owl is also its messenger.
  • The globe of the world he holds in his left hand represents his impact on the earth.
  • Balance is a symbol of justice. Santa Muerte always judges our actions fairly and invites us to do the same.
  • The coins represent the abundance and prosperity with which the Saint will bless us if we trust her.

Measures 23x12x12 cm

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 12 cm


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