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    Rock crystal quartz tumbled stone


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    Rock crystal quartz tumbled stone
    Rock Crystal is a powerful ‘healing’ and energizing stone. It stimulates clear thinking and perception. It supports the connection with your inner wisdom. It purifies and strengthens both the energy and the physical body.


    In the world of crystals, rock crystal is considered the “master healer” or the one who “heals everything”. Placed next to all the other stones, it amplifies and increases their energy harmony.

    Long used for divination and scrying, it brings clarity of mind and reveals the truth. Quickly removes energy blockages from all chakras. It is used to amplify attention and intent when the healing energy is directed through the transparency of the crystal.

    It also allows easy access to altered states of consciousness, and facilitates the movement of energy flowing between the chakras. Placed anywhere in the aura, it promotes balance. Often used in meditation practice and delta kundalini activation.

    Archangel: Metatron
    Chakra: Crown

    Cleaning and Recharging: immersion in cold salt water (a few hours); alternatively resting on a family of amethyst or rock crystal; sun baths (no direct light) and moon baths regenerate its vitality. When the rose quartz has given up all the energy potential it has it will become fragile and break; at that point it is advisable to return it to nature, releasing it into the water

    Use: take it with you (in your pocket or in a natural fiber bag hanging around your neck); wear it as a stone mounted in necklaces, bracelets or pendants; sleep in it, inserting it into the pillowcase; excellent during moments of meditation and reiki treatments; essential mineral in crystal therapy treatments

    Additional information

    Weight 50 g

    Cage pendant, Only Stone


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