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Esoteric candle power of the mind


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Esoteric candle power of the mind

The esoteric candle power of the mind, is a really powerful element for your rituals and spells. It is used to have strength and power in decisions.

The mind is perhaps what dominates all aspects of our daily lives. If we have a mind that always thinks negatively, things are more likely to go wrong. And if our head thinks positive, things will work for us.

The thoughts one has day to day have an impact on everything we do. It is not the same to take a test thinking we are doing well, to go and give up thinking we are doing bad. Repeated thought creates the actual fact.

The candle with the mental power of prayer, will help us control our thoughts more, be more positive and face day to day differently.

We will be able to make more effective decisions. We will not be wrong and do better in life.

How to use the candle power of the mind

  • It should be used whenever you want to strike in the way of thinking.
  • Even when we have negative thoughts and want to improve our optimism.
  • Using the candle will make us feel more positive, motivated and strong to achieve our goals.
  • Our negative thoughts will no longer dominate us.
  • We will no longer have fears or fears that block us to act.
  • We will think more positively and be more optimistic.
  • The candle can be used as often as desired

How to make better decisions

Some people present difficulties in making good decisions.

Many times it is difficult for us to think positively and know which option is best for us.

That is why it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Look for a quiet and relaxed place.
  2. Light a candle with the mind power prayer.
  3. Then focus and don’t be nervous.
  4. As the flame consumes, think about the goal you have.
  5. Meditate on the decisions to be made.
  6. You will see how to choose the right choice.

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