Esoteric Powders

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Esoteric Powders

Our powerful esoteric powders are made with different plant and mineral substances.

There are blends to attract luck, to break curses, to separate couples, to make moorings, spiritual purifications, etc. They can be used as
different shapes, spread on any surface, in the baths, in the incense, in the anointing …

How are esoteric powders used?

Powders are used in different ways, depending on the type of ritual we want to perform:

together with the corresponding oil to embellish the candles, scattered around the corners of the house or workplace, sprinkle on the ritual we are performing, including them in guards and amulets, introducing them in a bag that we will always carry with you.
If you want to know all the uses of esoteric powders here you can find an exhaustive guide written by us.

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