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Tarot the Book of Thoth


Tarot the Book of Thoth combines sophisticated art and profound wisdom. A tarot deck that reveals hermetic secrets through unique symbols, a guide to esoteric enlightenment.

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Tarot the Book of Thoth A Guide to the Historical Deck of Etteilla

If you are a tarot enthusiast, you have probably heard of the fascinating deck “The Ancient Esoteric Tarot of Etteilla.” This deck is known for its deep structure and symbolism, but some may have noticed that the art was, perhaps, a bit crude. That’s where “Tarot the Book of Thoth” comes in.

This new tarot deck from Lo Scarabeo is a real gem for tarot lovers. While staying true to the spirit of Etteilla, this deck adds a touch of sophistication to the art, making it a dream come true for anyone seeking a combination of deep symbolism and fine art.

But there is more. The “Book of Thoth” is not just a deck of cards; it is also a comprehensive guide to the use of these cards and a primary initiation into Hermetic philosophy and awareness. This deck is a journey in itself, where each card reveals secrets of the universe.

The Book of Thoth and His Occult Wonders

The deck itself is a masterpiece of Crowley’s ingenuity. It functions as an association system of the elemental and zodiac symbols of folk tradition, but offers much more. Along with the cards, the deck also represents the Kabalistic Tree of Life and the Taoist I Ching system.

This multidimensional approach offers practitioners a unique opportunity to explore the depths of occultism by relating different esoteric traditions into a single system.

Although Crowley had the knowledge to expand this work, he chose to share it in an accessible format, demonstrating his mastery of simplifying complex concepts. The art itself is a work of art, conveying a sense of antiquity and wisdom.

In conclusion, “Tarot the Book of Thoth” is much more than a deck of cards; it is a secret door to deep understanding of Hermetic philosophy and esoteric wisdom. If you are looking for a spiritual journey through tarot, this deck offers a complete guide. Purchase this esoteric wonder now and begin your journey into the occult.

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