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Welcome to the FAQ section of our website! Here, you’ll find answers to the most common questions and useful information regarding our products/services. We’re here to provide you with clarity and support to make your experience with us enjoyable and seamless. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact us directly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re ready to assist you in every way possible. Below, you’ll find a series of frequently asked questions and their respective answers to guide you through any doubts you may have.

The conditions of sale, not that the sales contract are all on the Conditions of sale page of the site.

We offer various payment systems, choose the one that suits you best

Stripe - pagamento con carta di creditoPayment by credit card

Payment with credit takes place through the Stripe circuit.


Payment via PayPal / Credit Card

In this case the payment takes place on the Paypal circuit, just enter your data once you have entered the official Paypal page. This payment costs 5% more due to the fees that Paypal requires for payment. (the corresponding percentage in Euros will be calculated automatically)

Shipments are made via:

If the shipment is light, you will see the delivery by International Priority Mail, International Registered Mail

NB. the envelope is delivered directly to the letterbox, so in this case the package is impossible to refuse. The price varies according to the weight of the package.

UPS Standard
Cheaper than express courier but more days for delivery.
The cost of this shipment varies according to the weight of the package.

NB. In case of refusal of the package, and entry into storage of the same, additional costs may be charged, for the return to the recipient 3 € or for the return to the sender equal to the cost of the outward journey.

On average the shipping times are 24 hours for all items in the warehouse, for products not in the warehouse on average the shipping time becomes from 5-10 working days.

* during holiday periods, couriers may be delayed, in which case delivery times may be longer, try to understand that unfortunately this is not up to us.

Wrong address

If the package were to return, we do not take responsibility, to be sent back to the right address you will have to pay another shipment again.

To change or cancel an order, go to the contact area and contact us in any of the ways proposed, writing us the order number.

NB. As written in the conditions of sale, an order can be canceled within 1 hour from the order, after which the order will be considered accepted and prepared for shipment, and shipped later, once the order is shipped it will no longer modify or cancel.

You can make the return safely, you will have to send the package back at your expense, once we have received the package and the product will be in the same condition as when we shipped it you will get back the cost of the order except the outward and return shipping costs. return incurred by you when returning and any accessories.
To make the return correctly you will need to perform the following instructions:

Access to your email address with which you placed the order.
Read the conditions of sale carefully, especially in the Return section
Fill in the return request taking care to enter the order number, you will find it in the email when you place the order, it is also found in the sales document, present in the package.
Wait for our reply via email with the return code, the return code you will have to print and insert inside the package.
Pack the package and send to the address sent via the email containing the return code.
If everything went well, you will receive a refund via the payment system chosen when placing the order.
NB. for cash on delivery, PostePay recharge and bank transfer, you will receive the transfer in the IBAN entered at the time of the return request.

Absolutely NO, in case of refusal of the package, the costs for a possible return (3 €) or the costs for returning the package to the sender equal to the outward costs will be charged, once the package has been returned to the sender you will be entitled to a refund as counted here: total order cost, minus outbound shipping costs, minus any accessories, minus return shipping costs.
Eg. Let’s say that Tizio orders 1 product for a cost of 50 € + shipping 9 € + payment fees 2 € = 61 € and Tizio always rejects the package for an afterthought, Tizio will have the opportunity to remedy by paying 3 € for see the return of the order rejected the previous day the next day.
If Tizio rejects the order again, the package will be returned to the sender with an additional cost of € 9, so Tizio will have the refund divided as follows: € 61 – € 9 for shipping – € 9 for return shipping – € 2 for payment fees = € 41 refund.
NB: In case of refusal of the package in the case of payment on delivery, the outward and return shipping and its accessories are still due, so you will be contacted by email or telephone to settle the debt position towards us.

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