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Information note – Disclaimer

The products for sale on our site are articles that, according to popular traditions and religious, spiritual and esoteric cultures of different origins (Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, etc.), can serve as a support on many fronts in daily life.

The “magical” virtues of such objects are obviously not demonstrable, since the occult and esoteric sciences are by definition not subject to verifiability tests; “magic”, in fact, has no demonstrable scientific foundations, but is based solely on subjective spiritual beliefs and on the faith that each one places in it. Therefore, we do not boast any “miraculous” virtues for our products, however we guarantee that each item in the catalog respects the current European regulations on safety and authenticity.

Counseling services such as divination, etc. that we offer on our site can be counted among practices practiced since time immemorial in almost all cultures, however they have no scientific value or documentability. In the same way, therefore, we do not boast any infallibility for our consulting services, but we limit ourselves to applying and sharing with you the methods and interpretations traditionally used in this field.

For the foregoing, Esoteric Market does not ensure its Buyers neither the full realization of their desires through the purchase of the products and services sold on the site nor the infallibility of the same, leaving the evaluation to the open mind and common sense of each visitor. than what we offer. The descriptions that you will find for each product refer exclusively to the virtues and functions traditionally delegated to it by the countries and cultures from which they come.

None of our products have a food, medical or pharmacological use and in no way can any of the products and services offered on the site replace the evaluations of medical-health professionals.

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