Esoteric dream interpretation

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Analisi esoterica dei sogno

Esoteric dream interpretation

What are Dreams?
Everyone dreams… In sleeping we go through three phases of which the last is called REM. And this is the moment when we descend into the deep unconscious and the primordial memory of existence. In the morning, upon waking up, images surface in the mind. Questions follow one another… What does tonight’s dream mean? Perhaps prescience? A dream-like contact with self? Indeed, the meaning of what in the night can be of various kinds.
Most likely is the result of an emergence from the unconscious to the conscious of one or more situations that upset Vanimo. Sometimes the body alerts us in dream form if some disease is threatening it.
It is very important to be able to interpret what appeared in the night in the dream. You can understand a lot about yourself and your body. Sometimes it is also possible to have prescient dreams.
This dark Side of the human mind allows for advance knowledge of events that can affect both the subject and people close to him or her. Prescient dreams are associated by a ritual called ” THE SMORFIA ” with LOTTO numbers.
We made the task of interpretation easier for you. It will be enough to fill out the form below and tell you about the dream and the dreamed topic. We would give you the full explanation and in numbers to play the Lotto.
You will also be able to save YOUR dreams and in time re-read them…. A little reminder. An important utility that will allow you to reread dreams over time, compare them and check their frequency.

This service costs 35€ and in about 3 days you will have the esoteric explanation of your dream with the relevant numbers you can play. It is said that dreaming numbers should be played a minimum of 3 times.

Payments accepted credit card or Paypal.

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